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Civic Education for a Free People

The Hobby Lobby-Hillsdale College partnership inspired a larger effort to help organizations provide educational enrichment for their employees, and Civic Education for a Free People was born.

Under Hillsdale’s broader Business & Industry program, this new initiative is designed to help leaders of organizations across the nation offer an excellent enrichment opportunity and education in Hillsdale College’s online courses.  

Under this initiative, organizational leaders can request basic sets of table tents from Hillsdale College, free of charge, to promote our online courses in offices, break rooms, or workspaces. Individuals can take the courses at their leisure, or leaders can organize a study group around a particular course.

Business and organizational leaders can also partner with Hillsdale for a customized program Hillsdale did with Hobby Lobby. Hillsdale will create specialized course lists, a landing page, and design table tents or other premium promotional mate rial that is appropriate for an organization. Table tents, posters, or inserts for napkin holders—whatever it takes. Hillsdale College is dedicated to educating Americans about America.

 There’s no cost for organizations, but the payoff is priceless. Citizens everywhere can learn valuable insights about American history and government, economics, literature, education, and much more! As James Madison wrote, “A diffusion of knowledge is the only guardian of true liberty.” Civic Education for a Free People allows organizational leaders to partner with Hillsdale College to share this education in the great ideas and great minds of Western Civilization with organizations and citizens across the country.