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Partner with the Business & Industry Program at Hillsdale College

Educate, build, and secure the future.

Partner with the Business & Industry Program at Hillsdale College

Educate, build, and secure the future.

Our Free Enterprise


In 1977, Ronald Reagan came to Hillsdale College and delivered his famous speech, “Whatever Happened to Free Enterprise?” His argument was clear:

Corporate America and small businesses alike are part of the work to preserve freedom and free enterprise.

In Reagan's day, government regulation held back American business. Now, “woke” capital and bureaucratic regulations make the business environment even more difficult. Hillsdale College continues to pursue truth and defend liberty—and one of the ways it does so is through partnerships with American business and industry leaders.

The Business & Industry program exists to take the mission of Hillsdale College—to preserve “the inestimable blessings of civil and religious liberty” by educating anyone who wishes to learn—into the world of business and industry. We have three main goals: educate, build a network, and secure the future.

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Educate Your Company

Hillsdale College offers resources to help you teach and train your workforce on the principles of liberty underlying our Constitution—thereby creating an “educated citizenry” and helping restore liberty. Hillsdale College provides the educational materials required for useful citizenship, self-government, and informed patriotism, including:

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Build a Network and Provide Community

Hillsdale offers the very finest liberal arts education in the nation. It is a tight-knit community with a common mission and a shared purpose. The result is a campus that is lively with civil and intelligent debate.  

As a business and industry partner, you can visit the campus, attend an event or seminar, and meet and recruit the smart and ambitious young people who choose to study at Hillsdale. Opportunities include:

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Secure the Future

If your business needs employees equipped with intelligence and character prepared to become leaders in all walks of American life, then consider hiring a Hillsdale College graduate. The College's Business and Industry Program can help:

“My rule of thumb is to hire from institutions I advise young people to attend. Hillsdale College is at the top of that list…”
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Resources for Business & Industry Partners

As a Business and Industry Partner, you can attend one of our existing events with your team or host your event using our facilities. The College offers lodging, meeting space, catering services, and sports facilities on campus, while outdoor parks and golf courses are nearby—providing your team members with a distinctive educational experience.

facilities include:

Dow Hotel guest room

Dow Hotel and Conference Center and Searle Center

Featuring 36 hotel rooms, nine conference rooms, and a banquet hall seating up to 700.
Rockwell Lake Lodge Conference Meeting facilities

The Rockwell Lake Lodge

An exclusive lakeside lodge in a peaceful setting for all your events.
Team member of Halter shooting center

John Anthony Halter Shooting Sports Education Center and AcuSport Lodge

The most comprehensive collegiate shooting sports facilities in the country.

Events include:

People attending a Hillsdale conference

Hillsdale Hostels

Attend a Hillsdale Hostel, a learning vacation unlike any other.
A speaker at a podium at a Hillsdale Freedom Forum

Free Market Forums

View the video collection of lectures from our annual conference on topics related to free market economics.
People listening to a presentation.

Center for Constructive Alternatives

Hillsdale’s CCA is the sponsor of one of the largest college lecture series in America.
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The Kehoe Family Initiative for Entrepreneurial Excellence

Hillsdale College works to restore free enterprise in America through the education of American citizens. This partnership of friends found on campus and nationwide works to secure the blessing of liberty through education.  

To join us, please consider supporting or sponsoring our new Kehoe Family Initiative for Entrepreneurial Excellence, an initiative dedicated to student success in innovation through a commitment to academic excellence, moral formation, and a free market economy.

Many of America’s current undergraduate entrepreneurial initiatives are rife with diversity training and actively hostile to free speech, freedom of religion, and free market capitalism. In training the next generation of corporate leaders, Hillsdale College has the opportunity to outperform the best entrepreneurial initiatives in the United States.

Hillsdale College’s graduates are among the brightest in the country. The Kehoe Family Initiative for Entrepreneurial Excellence matches these young entrepreneurs with the training, support, and practical experience essential for post-graduate success.

The Kehoe Family Initiative for Entrepreneurial Excellence was founded in 2021 to develop the next generation of character-driven entrepreneurs and equip them with the skills and knowledge they need to launch a successful business in the 21st century.

about the kehoe initiAtive

Join us in the pursuit of truth and defense of liberty.

Hillsdale College is widely recognized as one of the finest, private liberal arts colleges in America. Hillsdale does not accept federal or state taxpayer funding for any purpose, including indirectly in the form of government-subsidized loans and grants. Abiding by the motto, “Pursuing Truth and Defending Liberty Since 1844,” the College upholds its independence with the help of private funding—gifts, pledges, planned gifts, and grants—that provide gift income to meet annual expenses not covered by tuition revenues and endowment earnings.

Please join us in this mission through the Business and Industry Program.

Our free enterprise
Ronald Reagan speaking at Hillsdale College before he became President of the United States.
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My Story and Mission

David Danford Hillsdale College

For questions and to partner with us, contact:

(517) 607-2682

I served for over 15 years in the U.S. military and, along the way, was blessed to attend Hillsdale College for graduate school. My wife and I fell in love with the place and the College, and we wanted to return and raise our family and help Hillsdale in any way we could. In God’s providence, I now work to build up Hillsdale’s network in the world of business and industry to advance the mission of the College.

If you are interested in participating in the Business and Industry Program, mentoring students, hosting an apprenticeship, or supporting our initiative, please contact me at or 517-607-2682.